To be eligible for CHAMPVA, you cannot be eligible for TRICARE/CHAMPUS and you must fall into one of these categories:

An eligible CHAMPVA sponsor may be entitled to receive medical care through the VA health care system based on his or her own veteran status. Additionally, as the result of a recent policy change, if the eligible CHAMPVA sponsor is the spouse of another eligible CHAMPVA sponsor, both may now be eligible for CHAMPVA benefits. In each instance where the eligible spouse requires medical attention, he or she may choose the VA health care system or coverage under CHAMPVA for his/her health care needs.

If you have been previously denied CHAMPVA benefits and you believe you would now be qualified, please click here to apply.

CHAMPVA Other Health Insurance (OHI)

From the CHAMPVA Guidebook available here.

CHAMPVA and Medicare work together

CHAMPVA is always the last payer after Medicare and any other health insurance (OHI). An exception to this is when you reside or travel overseas. When that is the case, if you meet all eligibility criteria, CHAMPVA will be the primary payer (unless you have other health insurance) until you return to the U.S.

Changes to marital status or eligibility

CHAMPVA eligibility can be impacted by changes such as marriage, divorce from the sponsor, or eligibility for Medicare or TRICARE. Changes in status should be reported immediately to the VA by calling or writing to them by mail.


CHAMPVA, ATTN Eligibility Unit
PO Box 469028
Denver, CO 80246-9028

Contacting CHAMPVA

If you need assistance, there are four ways to contact CHAMPVA.

Be sure to include the nature of your inquiry, the name of the beneficiary, the CHAMPVA Authorization Card number (Social Security Number), and your contact information.

Best Method
VA Health Admin Center
PO Box 469063
Denver, CO 80246-9063
Only for inquiries, not claims